Wednesday Bluegrass Jam
on Main Street in Tucker GA!

Sidewalk Jam

July 2017

Bluegrass Pickers,

The Wednesday Bluegrass Jam in Beautiful Downtown  Tucker, GA, Main Street, is  up and running and is in fine form!!

The Jam is every Wednesday, rain or shine!  It kicks off  around 6pm and goes for a couple of hours or so.

Our intention is for this to be an open acoustic Bluegrass Jam for pickers, singers, and audience of all levels.  Everyone is welcome regardless of your skill in picking, skill in singing, or skill in audiencing….

Feel free to invite others who you think would enjoy being in on this.  Send them this note or send them my contact information and I'll be glad to talk with them….

We'll be sitting or standing around in a circle (this is not a stage show!) and each person can call a song or tune to sing or pick.  Or you can pass if you prefer.  This is a no-pressure group!

Restaurants and snack shops along Main Street will be open for meals or snacks if you like.

If you have any questions about this or if you would like directions to the site, please contact me: or Rebecca Lawson:

Hope to see you there….



Hi Folks,

Glad news!!!  The Bluegrass Jam in Beautiful Down Tucker Main Street continues - even though we have lost our beloved Old Tucker Fountain where the Jam was held for so many years. !

Our new location is Matthews Cafeteria - right there on Main Street. Last Wednesday's Jam At Matthews (or as Ron said "J@M" was most excellent. We may have found a Home for the Wednesday Jam.

We set up on the sidewalk in front of the Cafeteria. The acoustics were fine and a lot of folks going in and out of the restaurant tarried and enjoyed the music!  We didn't have a Bass but the passing trains definitely provided a low rumble. I'm not sure that the train horns would count as that "High Lonesome" sound of Bluegrass but with a little imagination….

It's easy to get to Matthews. From the  Original Old Tucker Fountain, just go across the railroad tracks and stop at the first door on the left! We can set up on the sidewalk in front of Matthews Cafeteria in good weather and inside when the weather turns. It's here:  2299 Main St., Tucker, Ga. 30084  (770) 939-2357

Come early and get a great meal of real Southern Cooking with Real Ice Tea! Check out the Wednesday Menu here:

The music kicks off around 6pm.  Matthews closes at 8pm but the sidewalk is open right on into the night….

Please take care not to block the sidewalk so people looking for good food and good music can still get through.


Our outside Sidewalk Jams have been excellent. There are lots of folks walking around Main Street at that time in the evening and many of them stopped and sat a while to enjoy the music. I heard one of them say, "Yeah, now that's why I love Tucker…."

Hope to see you there,







If you have a song that you like but think others might not know, let's work-shop it.  If you can print 4 or 5 copies of words & chords for those who may not be familiar with your song, that would be good. Or send it to me and I'll make copies and bring them to the Jam.


Rebecca says - All bass players, We have decided due to the size of the group we really need a bass. David and I both have one but would rather not bring it if someone else is going to come play. If you are planning to come you could let us know?? Even at the last minute, I don't leave house till 5:45 most days. Text me at 678 592 4334.  If you want to play bass and don't have one, you are welcome to play mine any day, just let me know.