Suzanne Belcher
Celebrates 80 Years!

Suzanne Belcher celebrated 80 years of wonderful life in July 2006.
Family and Friends gathered at her home in Nashville, GA, for ice cream, cake,
the Traditional Birthday Song, conversation, reminiscing, gospel singing, and Fireworks!

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Suzanne Belcher

Every good Party starts with a trip to Harvey's.  It's Tradition!

Folks started arriving in mid-afternoon.  Wesley brought his Sweetheart, Lauren, both a pleasure and a treasure!

Suzie was excited! "Let's get this Party Rolling!"

Frances & Bill are right in there with the conversations but I think I also heard a "Let's get this Party Rolling!"

Lauren & Wesley tuned into the POW reminisces coming from the other side of the room.

"I think I'll just take a quiet minute in the corner here"

Sometimes the love gets so heavy that it even tilts the picture!

Keith: "I heard there would be Red Velvet Cake - I'm ready!"

"Got Milk! Now where's that Cake"

Robert: "I know where the Cake is, but I'm not telling!"

But before the yard Party started, we gathered at Nashville's Clark House for a beautiful catered dinner ....

The Clark House, Nashville, GA

Clark House is full of History

A Grand Old Home - now a Beautiful Bed & Breakfast establishment

Beautiful Bedrooms

And more Beautiful Bedrooms

A Fireplace in every room

Amazing Furniture

A grand sitting room

An Outstanding Staircase

Wesley: "If I run fast enough I can get up the stairs and down the banister before anyone notices ..."

Jimmy: "Sure are some high ceilings in this
place ..."

Robert: ""So you see, Bill, with a little more renovation, your home can look just like this, too ..."

Bill: "So you see, Deborah, with a little more renovation, your home can look just like this, too ..."

Freida: "These darn contraptions ...  How am I going to get all these people in this little box? "

Larry: "Do you think he will get all those people in that little box?" Fred: "He always does"

"I wonder if I can sleep through this dinner to save up for the Red Velvet Cake later"

"Doing pretty good,
so far ...."

Lauren: "I love this place!"

Freida: "Just watching to see that my little sister does it right"

Suzie: "It's My Party And I'll Smile If I Want To!"

Lisa: "I'm so happy! I didn't have to cook dinner for 17 people!"

Tom: "Sure is a lot of talking going on here, but where's the Dinner Table?"

Larry: "Quick, Fred, we better head for the Dinner Table because I think Tom's already
found it ..."

Frances: "Quick, Bill, we'd better run - Fred & Tom have already found dinner ...."

Freida: "Let me tell you where everyone sits when we make it to the Dinner Table ..."

Dinner started with Robert on the side giving directions ....

Tom: "Remember, it is my birthday, too!"

Great Food!

Suzie: "I love my Family!"

Keith: "Oh No, I ate too much - wonder if there is still room for
cake, later??"

... And More Great Food ...

Tom: "I was looking for a Birthday Cake but I got something better - Fishing Birthday Cards!"

"Great dinner but now let's head home for the Real Party!"

A bunch of Happy, Satisfied Party People! This picture is destined for the Berrien Press ...

After the Dinner, Lisa's bunch stopped by the Jail (now the Chamber of Commerce).

A sign of things to come?

or a sign of things to come ....

After an excellent Clark House Dinner, we all returned to the Party Site. Let the Good Times Roll ....

Outside preparations are beginning. "Now where did you want that table?"

"Now you see, when you connect the X35 converter to the A95b modified interface, the image is inverted"

"I've always wondered how that happened"

"If I could just figure out which end of the cable goes in this hole ..."

"Yes, that cable was right. Now, let's see if the Distortion is OK!"

"Concentration is the Key"

"You see Grandmama, if you move this C chord pattern up this far, it becomes a Db minor Diminished."

Suzie: "But what if you move it one more fret? Does it become a C# Augmented?"

Keith: "Gee, Grandmama, you sure are sharp with all this music stuff ...."

"I wonder if we will need a percussion section, too!"

The music went on late into the night ...

Lisa: "Now what will we do with all these balloons?"

"I know, I'll just stand here and hold them!"

Wesley: "I think these balloons will go well on the Satsumas!"

"Dad, that tickles!"

"Hold still, Keith, I'll take David's picture and he won't even know it ..."

"Should we put all 80 candles on her cake?"

"Well, we are having fireworks later…"

Robert: "Now, did you say you wanted a Birthday Song or a Birthday Dance?"

"Look at me!  I can cut a rug on the grass!"

Wesley: "A hammock built for two should be used at every opportunity!"

Deborah: "Why is there always kitchen work to be done?"

Some people know how to prepare for a Party ....

Every good Party starts with a little conversation and relaxation

Johnny Pat Web tells a joke ...

... to Robert's great enjoyment!

Wesley: "Now just where did you want that table?"

Richard: "Just wait. Do I have a show for you!"

When the Party started, Suzie was gifted with the Book in which Lisa gathered letters and pictures from Family & Friends. A Treasure.

Suzie: "Now let me introduce everyone to everyone ..."

Everyone: "Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday Tom & Suzie, Happy Birthday To You!"

While everyone watches, Freida sneaks a peek at her home-churned peach ice cream ...

Wall-To-Wall People ...

... And more Wall-To-Wall People ...

... And more Wall-To-Wall People.

Jones: "You say this blue ball is an ice cream maker?"

"Looks more like a soccer ball to me!"

Johnny Pat: "Do you think all the things they say in this book are really true?"

Lane Smith: " Can those two old grayhaired men really be my little band boys?"

Alice: "Quick Mama and Lucille, if we go now, we can get to the ice cream first!"

Hubert & Richard "If we wait long enough, do you think they will bring the ice cream to us!"

Laurene: "Hey, Annie & Betty, lets get up from here and get in that line!"

Mary: "Look, Margaret, Fred is already into the ice cream."

Eleanor: "Nancy, put down that camera and lets go ..."

Ice Cream Line

Karen: "Now where did Larry get off to?   Must be bringing me some ice cream ..."

Jimmy: "Ice cream $25, cake $30, Clark House Dinner $???, Suzie's Party -- Priceless ..."

Thomas: "Yes, on further examination, it really is a soccer ball!"

Mary Howard: "Do you think we have enough people here for a soccer game?"

Michael: "I can contribute three players for the Team ..."

Larry: "Here comes the soccer ball.  I'll be on the Team, too!"

"We'll be the Goalies"

Finally, it's Ice Cream Time!

"Now that we made it to the table, I'd rather have cake ..."

"If we wait just a minute more, we can make a run on the table and get all the ice cream!!"

Becky: "That's Wesley's friend, Lauren ...."

Fred: "I can handle the serving line ..."

" ... because I get one spoon of ice cream tax from each cup!"

Thomas: "Cake OR ice cream? Shucks, I'll have some of both!"

Keith samples the ice cream while Lane scores a soccer goal in the background!

"Thank Goodness, Fred didn't get all the ice cream!"

Suzie: "This is the Best Party Ever!"

The Party ended with Richard's promised show, a Bang ...

... And a bigger Bang ...

... And a bigger Bang ...

... And a bigger Bang!

The following day, the party planners had survived.  But where is Fred – must be at Harvey's !
A Grand Time Was Had By All!
Can't wait until next year ....