Over the years we have had significant events that have been captured as Web Shows.  You can view them Here!

After choosing a Show, you can click the link: to see the slide show with each image displayed automatically, with music!  Or you can click a small image on the left to see the full version of that individual image. 
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Suzanne & Fred Belcher POW Bridge Dedication and 60 Years Wedding Anniversary - My father, Fred Belcher, had a bridge named after him to honor his service as a prisoner of War in WWII.  The same celebration included a 60th wedding anniversary party for Fred & Suzanne. View a Slideshow of Fred & Suzanne's Life & Times here (50 minutes).  View a show of the Presentation Ceremony here (when we figure how to transfer the videos from the cameras into the PC!) .  See Fred's military service record here (PDF Doc).

Fred's 80th Birthday was quite a celebration.  Family from all over showed up and we had a Party! View Rene's PhotoShow here (12 minutes).

Suzie's 80th Birthday was quite a celebration, too!  Family and Nashville friends showed up and we had a Party! View the festivities here.

Gladys' 88 Birthday was another fine day!  Join the celebration with family and friends here.

BelWood Days - The Belcher family had many, many fine years at the most beautiful home in Georgia. You can view a slideshow of this wonderful place here (13 minutes).

Graeme & Barry Belcher - The Early Years. You can see where they came from and where they were in 2001 here.

Purple Duck Pond - One day a few Falls ago, Rene, Helen, and David stopped by a beautiful lake near the Tucker Women's Center.  The dramatic presence of a duck with a Purple Head named the place for us.  Please join us here as we play and walk through the magical woods...

The Kaisers - Through The Years. A fantastic slideshow Rene made for her aunt Audrey & Uncle Bob.


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