The 2010 Enecks Reunion
Saturday, October 9th

This year’s Enecks Reunion was held at the home of
Suzanne Belcher in Roswell, GA

The starting time for Lunch and for the Meeting was changed several times during
the morning but we managed to work in both events, anyway!

For Lunch we had more Barbeque and associated dishes than would fit on one table.
David's suggestion for additional Desserts was abundantly successful....

Check out the photos: Here
Please send any photos that you took to David Belcher for inclusion here, too.

And there is Video! Here's part of it. This 15 minute edited version is large so expect to take a long time to download (191 MB). The full version takes 2 whole CD's! If you want it, send me your mailing address and I'll drop the CDs in the mail for you.
If you are feeling frisky, you can download the short version (191 MB) here.

Next year's Reunion will be at Nan's Place in North Carolina. See the 2011 page for details.



David & Irene Belcher

2161 Morris Ave
Tucker, GA 30084


Last Updated: March 11, 2011

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