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General Info
 Free Spirit Alliance - The Free Spirit Alliance is a spiritual networking organization serving the Pagan and Pantheist religious communities. Founded in 1985, our focus is and has been on presenting national, regional and local events where people from all backgrounds can learn and share ideas. - www.free-spirit.org/
 Meetups - Meet Up with Witches & Pagans in your area. - witches.meetup.com/ and pagan.meetup.com/
 New Moon Occult Shop - Wiccan, pagan, new age, magick, occult, and druidic supplies all under one roof. - www.newmoon.uk.com/
 The Blessed Bee - Pagan shopping, information, humor, news, links & more. - www.theblessedbee.com/
 WitchVox - One of the best info sites with lots of current events, too. - www.witchvox.com/

Moon Info
 The Magic of the Moon - What is the Magic of the Moon? Since time began, we have been using the Moon to live our lives by to tune into the Earth's natural rhythms to use the magic of the moon phases for living, growing crops, magic rituals, health and so much more. - www.moonslipper.com/MagicoftheMoon.html

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