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Books - Interesting Books and where to find them
 Amazon Books - Full service on-line book dealer. -
 Audio Books
  Internet Archive - Listen to free audio books and poetry recordings! This library of audio books and poetry features digital recordings and MP3's from the Naropa Poetics Audio Archive, LibriVox, Project Gutenberg, Maria Lectrix, and Internet Archive users. -
  LibriVox: - Free audiobooks. LibriVox volunteers record chapters of books in the public domain and release the audio files back onto the net. Our goal is to make all public domain books available as free audio books. We are a totally volunteer, open source, free content, public domain project. -
  Loyal Books - Because books should be free! Free public domain audio books and e-books -
  Project Gutenberg, - abbreviated as PG, is a volunteer effort to digitize, archive and distribute cultural works. -
 Bartleby - An amazingly deep literature resource, Bartleby offers a large cross section of literature, going a step beyond the typical PDF and TXT files with fully indexed and searchable texts. You'll find the common (Shakespeare's complete works) and the arcane (Frazer's The Golden Bough). The many scholarly books and articles on the subject, all free, make this a great educational site. - - gives print disabled people in the United States legal access to over 33,850 books and 150 periodicals that are converted to Braille, large print or text to speech audio files. -
  Amazon - A giant online bookstore with ordering through cyberspace! -
  Barnes & Noble - The World's Largest Bookseller OnLine. -
  Bartleby's - The preeminent Internet publisher of literature, reference and verse providing students, researchers and the intellectually curious with unlimited access to books and information on the web, free of charge. -
  Online Books Page - Look here for an index of thousands of on-line books. -
  Online Bookshop. Search titles & list of Publishers - THE LARGEST ONLINE BOOKSHOP IN THE WORLD - -
  Powells - The largest used and new bookstore in the world. Search by Author, Title, etc... -
 Christian Classic Books, Music, etc - Classic Christian books in electronic format, Bibles, etc -
 Harry Potter - About the books, the author, and other.... -
 On-Line Books:
  Banned Books - Full text of books that have been the objects of censorship or censorship attempts -
  eBooks and Texts - Internet Archive. The Internet Archive and Open Library offers over 8,000,000 fully accessible public domain eBooks. This includes a special modern collection of over 500,000 eBooks for users with print disabilities, and a very interesting curated, modern collection for the world at large. -
  FeedBooks - Discover thousands of public domain books -
  Greek Classics - A searchable archive of more than 400 Greek texts. -
  Loyal Books - Because books should be free! Free public domain audio books and e-books -
  The Online Books Page - 20,000+ searchable listings. -
 Open Library - Open Library contains almost three million free ebooks. Most are available for immediate reading via the Web, in PDF format, or in EPUB format (for portable e-reader devices). -
 Project Gutenberg - Project Gutenberg is the oldest free, open-source collection of literary works online. Gutenberg works are available in plain text, HTML, PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and Plucker formats. -
 Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame - In June of 2004, a $20 million Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame opened its doors in Seattle, Washington. They even have Captain Kirk`s command chair on display. -
 VarsityBooks - order text books for college classes - -
 Wimsey's Used, Rare, and Collectible Books, - Formerly in Beautiful Downtown Tucker, GA. With a searchable catalog of books for sale from dealers worldwide. -

Genealogy Links - Who Are You?
 Cyndi Howell's Genealogy Web Site -
 Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: - Alphabet Soup by Kathleen W. Hinckley, CGRS -
 FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service -
 Genealogy Gateway To The Web - by Steve Lacy -
 Roots Surname List Search Results: - Surnames matching Wade -

Knowledge - Knowledge
 A Word A Day - Mailing list for interesting vocabulary words And now it is a book! - and
 Acronym finder: -
 Alexander Chislenko - public page. Great humor and much more -
 BBC Podcasts - Documentaries - Documentaries Throughout the week BBC World Service offers a wide range of documentaries and other factual programmes. This podcast offers you the chance to access landmark series from our archive. -
 Biographies - - The TV programs presented on the A&E station. Great info here! -
 BulFinch's Mythology - A Complete exposition on the Greek Gods & related Myths. -
 Commonly Misused Words in the English Language - Did you really mean that?!? -
 Credo Reference - is a completely customizable ready-reference solution for learners and librarians. Its full-text, aggregated content covers every major subject from the world's best publishers of reference. -
 Databases - Now over 4564 Free Searchable Public Record Databases! -
 Dead People Server - Here is the web site that tells which famous people have died. It also sometimes tells what famous people are still alive even if rumors of their death are going around. -
  Onelook Dictionary - 665971 words in 117 dictionaries now indexed. With links to other Dictionaries -
  A Web of On-line Dictionaries - - the #1 Online Dictionary - - And a Thesaurus, too! -
  Merriam-Webster`s Collegiate Dictionary - 11th edition -
 Elements of Style - This book covers a portion of the field of English style. By WILLIAM STRUNK, Jr. -
 Encyclopedias & other ways to gather info... -
  Info Please - All The info You Need.... -
  OnLine Encyclopedia -
  Smithsonian Encyclopedia -
 Etymologically Speaking - Many words in the English language have interesting pedigrees. Find origins and backgrounds for words from "Abacus" to "Zero." -
 Free Online Research Tools Category: Reference - Bob Rankin has compiled an excellent, well annotated list of Search Sites to search for, well, for just about anything! -
 History Net - Some of the best writing and research on history available. -
 Info Please - An Atlas, encyclopedia, and 30,000 Biographies! -
 Internet FAQ Archives - Somebody published a FAQ on the web? It's probably searchable here. -
  Online legal documents - Wills, Contracts, Estate Planning, Law, Leases, Partnerships, Corporations. -
  Self Help - Self Help Law Center -
 Librarian's Index To The Internet - Many categories about everything for direct clicking plus a multi-source searcher. - sunsite.Berkeley.EDU/InternetIndex/
 Library of Congress - American Memories -
 LIBRARY SPOT - Convenient links to popular online Almanacs, Calculators, Dictionaries, Directories, Encyclopedias, Historic Documents, Quotations, Statistics, and Thesauri. -
 MERLOT - The Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching -- is a free, peer-reviewed collection of over 8,000 different online learning tools and simulations developed (mostly) by college professors around the world. You can browse MERLOT's collection by subject area -- Arts, Business, Education, Humanities, Mathematics, Science and Technology, and Social Sciences. -
 Modern Language Association - A group of people who explore that's happening with the languages of today. -
 Mt Wilson Observatory - Much of our understanding of the Universe came from research done at this facility. -
 National Public Radio - Online NPR Online- National Public Radio. -
 Natural History Museum - Dedicated to furthering the understanding of the natural world. -
 Quakers Home Page - The Religious Society Of Friends. Intro, Resources, and Writings. -
 RefDesk - All the facts in the world! Miscellaneous stuff of all kinds. -
 Sign Language
  A Basic Dictionary of ASL Terms - -
  American Sign Language Resource Guide - Great resources for Culture, Learning, Children, and Dictionaries -
  HandSpeak - a full service site. -
 Slanguage - Interesting Slang Language with specialties by city. -
 Smithsonian Institute - The SI Home Page! -
 Southern Words - Patric Crispen has collected a collections of funny Southern Words. It grows daily! -
 Telescope - Welcome to the Bradford Robotic Telescope Observatory site. -
 The Etymology and history of first names -
 The New Georgia Encyclopedia - - The New Georgia Encyclopedia provides an authoritative source of information about people, places, events, institutions, and many other topics relating to the state of Georgia. -
 The Universal Library - Maxim: Access to all human knowledge - anytime, anywhere. Access, query, and print any book, magazine, newspaper, video, data item, or reference document . -
 Virtual Library - Superlative guide to a specialized area of the Web. Another comprehensive index.... -
 Virtual Reference Desk - Atlas - Maps, Biography / Who's Who, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Genealogy, Government, History, Internet, Law, Libraries, Misc. Phone Book, Population, Postal, Science, Quotations, Time-Date, Weights-Meas, World Religions, WWW, Virtual Library -
 Wonders - The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and other wonders! -
 Word and Phrase Origins - The Internet Public Library. IPL Pathfinder: Word and Phrase Origins. This guide is designed for anyone who is looking for the origin of words and/or phrases, also called etymology. -

People - Interesting People
 Asimov - and
 Brandon Sanderson - Interesting imagination. Good magic & humor. - and
 Catherine Asaro - Great use of technology to support good plots. -
 Charles de Lint - Charles de Lint is a Canadian fantasy author and Celtic folk musician. -
 Diane Duane - An excellent writer of Fantasy & Science Fiction. I especially like the Young Wizards series. “THE BOOK OF NIGHT WITH MOON” is superb as are the others in this series. I have a goal of reading everything she has done. Still a long way to go…. - and
 J.R.R. Tolkien - The box-office success of the recent Lord of the Rings movie shows that J.R.R. Tolkien's popular fantasy series is as popular now as it ever was. Learn more about what influenced him and how the books have affected popular culture. -
 Juliet Marillier - An author who writes like Marion Zimmer Bradley's Mists of Avalon -
 Larry Niven - Read anything from Larry Niven. They are all great. Start with “Ringworld”. - and
 Ly De Angeles - Witch and Author -
 Marion Zimmer Bradley - A very prolific author. Her Avalon series is powerful (start with “Mists of Avalon”). The Shadow's Gate series is very interesting. My favorite is the Darkover series – history of a planet that starts with sword & sorcery and evolves from there… -
 Octavia Butler - Amazing fiction with powerful social implications - and
 Orson Scott Card - Interesting, thought provoking, and fun! - and
 Piers Anthony - Great fantasy & science fiction. The Xanth series is one pun stacked apun another pun which is stacked apun another pun ... - and
 Robert Heinlein - Robert Heinlein is one of my favorite authors. He’s been writing since the dawn of SF and I like his view of the world. -
 Robert J. Sawyer - A Science Fiction writer with a powerful mind. - and
 Spider Robinson - Spider Robinson is a fantastic author with an excellent presentation of ideas, feelings, and music. The Callahan series is wonderful as is everything else of his that I’ve read. I have a goal of reading everything he has done. Still a long way to go…. - and
 Steve Cash - A very interesting person with two great books: "The Meq" and "Time Dancers". Sure hope he makes more.... -
 Thomas Edison - biography and more -
 WC Fields -
 Will Rogers -

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