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Links to Funny Places!

 Abbott and Costello - Abbott and Costello Show - OTR - Old Time Radio -
 Burma Shave Signs -
 Calvin & Hobbs - Comic Sttrip -
 Darwin Awards - Darwin Awards celebrate Charles Darwin's theory of evolution by commemorating the remains of the individuals who contributed to the improvement of our gene pool by removing themselves from it in a really stupid?way. -
 Dumb Laws - Can you believe the politicians really did this? -
 Glasbergen - Great cartoons: -
 Journal of Nursing Jocularity - satire, true stories, cartoons, and all around funny stuff related to nursing and health care. -
 Off The Mark - Very funny cartoons! -
 Prairie Home Companion - Joke Machine -
 Redneck Jokes - This is funny, no matter who you are.... -
 RiverSongs - Humorous & Serious Flash Shows -
 Southern Words - Patric Crispen has collected a collections of funny Southern Words. It grows daily! -
 Wet Dream - Kip Addotta - How many puns can you put in one song?!? -


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