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Information on how to be healthy and really mean it!

 Acupuncture.com - Traditional Oriental Therapies: Acupuncture, Herbology, Qi Gong, Chinese Nutrition, Tui Na and Chinese Massage - acupuncture.com/
 American Holistic Nurses Association - The Premier Holistic Nurses Page! - www.ahna.org
 Autoimmune Mom - Lots of information on auto-immune conditions. - www.autoimmunemom.com/
  American Biotec - - A company which sells biofeedback equipment and provides training. - mindfitness.com/
  Biofeedback Instrument Corporation - www.biof.com/biofeedback.html
  MindGrowth - - sells Thought Technology's relatively inexpensive biofeedback equipment over the Web - www.mindgrowth.com/
  The Biofeedback Network - A comprehensive site with biofeedback information and links to other sites. - www.biofeedback.net/
 Birthing the Crone - Menopause and Ageing Through an Artist's Eyes. - www.birthingthecrone.com/
 Body Language - Using Body Languagee - changingminds.org/techniques/body/body_language.htm
 Colds - This site provides a comprehensive, updated and referenced source of information on the common cold. The goal is to provide a framework for critical thinking which will allow informed decisions about medical care for the common cold. - www.commoncold.org/
 Dr. Andrew Weil - drweil.com
 Feng Shui - Videos for sale - artofplacement.com/
 Hand Reflexology Chart - www.pure-and-simple-healing.com/hand-reflexology-chart.html
 HealthFinder - The US Department of Human Services has a database of health related topics. - www.healthfinder.gov/
  Henriette's Herbal Homepage - Loads of misc info on all aspects of herbology - www.henriettesherbal.com/
  Herb World - We are an information service. We have a library of over 3000 books, subscribe to over 200 periodicals, monitor 10 internet mailing lists and search the Web looking for resources and research on the herb industry that we can pass on to our members. - www.herbworld.com/
 Herpes - Genital herpes resource information from CDC - www.cdc.gov/std/herpes/STDFact-herpes.htm
 Lupus Foundation - Loads of details on Lupus - www.lupus.org/
 Meditation - A meditation How-To site - www.meditationcenter.com/
 Mental Health Net - the largest, most comprehensive guide to mental health online. - mentalhelp.net/
 Natural Foods Online - Info on: Food and Nutrition, Vitamins, BodyCare, Legislative Action - sundancenaturalfoods.com/
 Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database - Search - enter any natural product name, disease or condition, or drug name...gives you objective product information, Effectiveness Ratings, or potential interactions with drugs, etc. Includes a Natural Product / Drug Interaction Checker and much more... - naturaldatabase.therapeuticresearch.com/home.aspx
 Physician`s Desk Reference - Search or browse the over 2,300 drug guides by drug name to view trusted, reliable drug guides written for the patient and available on demand. - www.pdrhealth.com/
 Sleep Net - Everything you wanted to know about sleep disorders but were too tired to ask. - www.sleepnet.com
 Tai Chi and Qigong Links - Links to sites for:Tai Chi and Qigong - www.taichiandqigong.com/links.php
 The Keirsey Temperament Sorter - a personality test which scores results according to the Myers-Briggs system - keirsey.com/sorter/register.aspx
 The National Institutes of Health - Main site - www.nih.gov/
 The National Institutes of Health, Office of Alternative Medicine - nccam.nih.gov/
 Touch for Health - Touch For Health Kinesiology Association - www.tfhka.org/



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