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 Bifaloo - Online Games, Optical illusions, fun quizzes and so much more. Choose one of the activities or options to temporarily eliminate boredom: -
 BonteGames - Online Games by Bonte. Stimulate your mind with these puzzles -
 Coffee Break Arcade - Great on-line games. -
 Flash games - Find some of the coolest online games for kids (and grown-ups) at this site. The games are simple in design but brought to life with spectacular graphics and animation. -
 Jig Saw Puzzles - You choose the number of pieces.... -
 Marbles - Click off groups of Marbles to score high. (more games here, too) -
 Online Games -
 Pop Cap Games - Free and easy! All our games play right in your browser. They're all 100% java, so no downloads or plug-ins are needed. -
 Put-Put Golf - Must be connected... -
 Puzzles - Analogies, IQ Tests, Trivia, Puzzles, Contests & Games @ -
 ShockWave Games -

Other Links - Player versus player - Real-time games are competitions that pit you against others. Sign up for your free account and then play all you want with other gamers. Or you can set up games with friends.
 Calahan's Crosstime Saloon - Computer game -
 Electronic Arts Company - A Premier Games Company home page -
 Everquest - Massive Multi-Player Games -
 Flight Simulator - Info on Microsoft's Game -
 GameSpot - Action & Arcade games to play & download. Puzzles & blood. -
 Get in the zone - Play against thousands of users or just the computer. This site offers news, events and chats. Check out the game lists and browse for downloads. -
 Have a Heart - This version of Hearts is one of the best on the web. You can download the demo for your own enjoyment or play online against others. -
 Internet Gaming Zone - Microsoft's showplace. Playable games. (IE Only) -
 Jigsaw Puzzle Paradise - Online JigSaw Puzzles -
 Love to Grump - Grump Solitaire is the latest version of the classic Solitaire game. Through this site, you can compete against others. -
 More than fun and games - This site accommodates kids, parents and teachers. Kids can select games for their age group and learn in the process. Parents can take quizzes and play against their children. There are also resources for teachers to use online or to print out. -
 MSN Gaming Zone - Online multi-player games -
 Myst - Riven - Beautiful puzzle games.... -
 Pinball - I love pinball but few pinball video games come close to the real thing. Check out his great site. - - Win money just by playing around on your computer. features standards like bingo and trivia. It also features sports games like Pebble Beach golf. The winner takes home a nice jackpot. -
 Pop your cap - Run away from a mummy in a pyramid, type quickly to avoid a shark or feed words to a hungry bookworm. -
 Role-playing games - Role-playing games transport users to fantastic worlds. They follow a storyline where users interact with simulated characters and sometimes other gamers. This site has chats, reviews and downloads for just about everything in the world of role-playing games. -
 Shockingly good time - The games on Shockwave's site tend to look better than most. Be sure you check out Zuma. -
 Table Tennis - Official! With rules and all! -
 Ultima Online - It's an expansive, immersive sandbox world enjoyed by thousands of players all over the world every day. It's an innovative and unmatched experience in the realm of massively multiplayer online role playing games. It's a world in which you can not only fight, craft, create, explore, and triumph...but a world in which you can live. And it's still so much more than that. -
 USA Today crosswords - Get your daily dose of crossword puzzles at this site. USA Today posts its crosswords each day and you can fill them in online. -

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